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Introducing the 2000 Embraer ERJ-135 (30 Passenger Jet). Contact us today for reservations and information! Click for more information.

RVR is Celebrating Over 10 Years of Operations!

Welcome to RVR Aviation, where professional needs are met on a personal level. Read about the company, view our fleet of private charter jets, or fill out our quote form to get pricing for your next trip.

RVR is based on the principle that the customer deserves the highest level of service possible which is why our employees are screened not only for their experience, but also their commitment to safety and service.



RVR is dedicated to providing first-class customer service accompanied with the highest level of safety. We strive for personal service at every turn. We don't just want to meet your needs but exceed your every expectation.

Our fleet is diverse to handle a wide range of travel needs and is maintained by our own maintenance staff. We take pride in the quality of the aircraft we have in service.

Dispatch will assist in matching the best aircraft for your trip and budget. Attention to detail is a must with no item too small. Upon arriving for your flight, you will be greeted by an RVR employee.

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